September 25, 2017


Nobel Certification Ltd. is an Multiple Site Certification Body , Registered in the United Kingdom (No. 08692109), Provides Assessment & Certification Service of all kind of Management Systems (ISO) for Clients in several Industry & Service Sectors Globally.

Following Special Features are Made Nobel Certification as a Pioneer Certification Provider in Marketplace :

1- Wide range services for Management System Certification .

2- Multiple Accreditation , obtained from IAF members.

2- Possibility of Double Checking Validity of issued Certificates on Nobel Database for Certified Clients & also Accreditation Body , so that Immediately after Grant Certification (or occurrence any updated status related to Clients) , you could find information for the certified client on Nobel Database & also on ASCB(E) Search Engine at shortest time after Grant Certification.

3- Wide & Strong Network of Representatives & Agencies in Different locations .Nobel Certification is Open to Individuals & Companies from any Country & each Business Sector to Initiate a Beneficial & Mutual Cooperation, with Conformity to Requirements of Nobel Certification Management System & also ISO/IEC 17021.

4- Unique Database of Authorized Representatives & Agents with the latest Status of any Supplier.

5- Wide & Strong Network of Competent & Authorized Auditors & Technical Experts relating to Several Management System Standards & Industry Sectors.

6- Unique Database for Authorized Auditors & Technical Experts that is Publicly Accessible & Consisting critical information related to each Assessor including approved standard/s, Industry Sector (EA/NACE) & location of activity.

7- Quick Responding to Requests Consisting Appeals & Complaints from Applicants , Audited & Certified Clients & any other Interested Party from Marketplace